The role of the in-house legal team is changing

An innovative and proactive stance is being adopted by legal counsel at some of the world’s leading organizations. There is a real sense that in-house lawyers can add measurable value, deliver greater efficiency and even generate profit.

Eversheds Consulting understands the business needs of a company like DuPont, both in terms of agility and adaptation to real business situations we face in our daily work. They fit like a glove within our project team.

Jose-Luis Badia, Senior Counsel & Global Privacy Counsel,
DuPont de Nemours International Sàrl

At Eversheds Consulting we have been at the leading edge of these changes. We have worked with the legal departments of major companies around the globe, such as Tyco and DuPont, to deliver cost and risk control, design better processes and allow our clients to demonstrate real benefits to their businesses.

We are a mix of consultants and highly experienced lawyers who can work with you to make your team more effective. Our people include management experts versed in specialized areas such as Lean Six Sigma and advisors who are thought leaders in global legal matters.

How you choose to use us is up to you. You get a fresh approach in areas crucial to your legal team such as compliance, records management and dealing with legal suppliers. Our goal is to provide you with the experts, expertise, tools, frameworks and approaches that allow you to successfully tackle the challenges you face.

Unlike the existing consulting firms, Eversheds Consulting has practical knowledge and a thorough understanding of the legal market. We can hit the ground running on your behalf, offering practical advice on what will work, rather than an off-the-shelf solution that may not be appropriate. Our people talk your language and understand your issues.

We judge our success on the results we achieve for our clients. We truly believe we can make your team work smarter and enhance your status in the eyes of your organization.

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