Mortgage market review

The Mortgage Market Review proposed by the Financial Services Authority and the EU Mortgage Credit Directive will inevitably change the way all mortgage lender and broker businesses operate. The increased focus on income verification and affordability assessment will require enhanced lender systems which guard against possible borrower fraud.

For the in-house lawyer this means shifting from providing guidance on a set of policies and rules, to advising on designing and implementing the policies and their associated risks within business units. For the business units, this may mean higher business costs through increasing headcount to manage the additional advice and selling requirements.

Understanding the new regulatory changes, the increased exposure to risk, the staff and business process requirements as well as ensuring business as usual for broker relationships and consumers will provide stiff challenge to lenders.

In this changing environment, Eversheds Consulting can help you achieve your business aims, manage your risk profile and add value to in-house counsel support of their key stakeholders.

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