Multiple legal projects

In today's complex landscape General Counsel are integrating much more closely with their company's governance and management. A growing need for compliance with evolving legislative and regulatory regimes means that the provision of legal advice and delivery of a portfolio of legally-related projects go hand in glove.

With so many competing demands on a General Counsel's time and ever expanding management responsibilities, how can you gain confidence in the success of the portfolio of project and programmes under your control? How can you assure both yourself and the Board that your projects are delivering to time, quality and budget and that each project is still pertinent to the organisation's strategic goals?

Eversheds Consulting can empower you with up-to-date and accurate knowledge at your fingertips, the tools and information to steer and report on your portfolio of projects, greater delivery confidence and assurance of your projects and, ultimately, more successful outcomes for your project and company's objectives.
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